Sunday, November 30, 2008

FINALLY some Christmas sewing...

So, Thanksgiving week was very busy with family and shopping and kids. I didn't get a chance to sew till Saturday, but I sewed 8 hours that day and made.... 7 chef hats. I used the You Can Make This FREE pattern. I used a 100% cotton sheet that I bought on clearance, but my husband disliked because it didn't feel as smooth as our sateen sheets. Oh well, said I and put that sheet set in my fabric stash to use for later. I'm glad I had all that fabric because I used the whole queen fitted sheet to make 3 adult hats and 4 youth hats (plus 1 youth hat I messed up on). I thought the pattern was pretty easy and they turned out really cute. Now I just have to make the aprons to go with them.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My First Gift

My first gift is off to a good start and I didn't even have it on my list of gifts to make. That was because I wasn't going to be sewing anything for it, but it turned out I got to do some sewing after all.

We took family pictures today as part of my mom's Christmas present and dh wanted Jovi to have a dress instead of jeans and a button up shirt like the rest of us. Repurosing items (old clothes, bedsheets ect.) is a great way to save money so instead of buying a dress, I made one out of jeans I got for $0.25 at a garage sale and 1/2 a yard of fabric. I altered the top from CarlaC's A-line pattern (found HERE) and just added a skirt.

went to a park and had my sister who is taking a photography class take the pictures. We may try again another day, getting a good picture of a preschooler and a baby at the same time is next to impossible, but here are the best of the pictures.

Thanks for looking. I'm planning on working on all the chef hats tomorrow.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

THE list

To give you a little more information about myself than my profile sentence offers; I am a SAHM with a 3 year old daughter and a 10 month old son. I've been co-teaching an at home preschool for 3 other 3year olds along with my daughter since August. I am a cub scout den leader and do a lot with my church. My mom taught me to sew when I was a child, but I was nver very interested in it. It wasn't until I was pregnant with my daughter that I really started sewing. I made curtains and a quilt for her and then started making cloth diapers and it snowballed from there. Now I enjoy making just about anything fabric/ sewing related you can think of. I consider myself an intermediate sewer BUT I still have a lot to learn, I've only ever put in one zipper and am always trying to improve.

So, this year in my family (the first year we have ever done it) we chose names and are in charge of getting all the presents for that person. I chose one of my sisters and my husband chose my mom.

My list of gifts to make is somewhat long, but hopefully doable;

5 simple friend gifts (I'm thinking of doing the FREE Home for the holidays pillow hanger, pattern found HERE )

Gift for preschool kids and co-teacher:
4 kid chef hats and 2 adult chef hats (FREE pattern found HERE )
4 kid aprons and 2 adult aprons (using the pattern found HERE )
4 felt food sets (I'm thinking a simple breakfast set or *maybe* the Bugabugs bread set found HERE)

Sister present:
P.J. set (need to buy pattern)
Tote Bag (self drafted pattern)

SIL present:
Purse (to be decided pattern)

Mom present:
Church Tote (self drafted pattern)

Corbin (10m old son):
First Doll (not, but I love, love love this doll pattern HERE)
soft blocks (wing it)

Jovi (3year old daughter):
Felt Play Food, as much as I can make (I'm using various tutorial, winging it and planning on buying patterns from Bugga Bugs for anything else I can't figure out
)Play Cape and Play Crown
Maybe some doll clothes made whe I make my Twirls for Girls doll clothes (I'm hoping to make at least 8 sets for Toys for Tots), check out this great cause and FREE patterns HERE

I sure hope I can get it all done by December 15th, that would be SOOOO awsome!

I Love You Can Make This


I've been a fan of the site for a while now. It is a site that sells mom made ebooks on a variety of crafty/ sewing topics. They also have some great FREE patterns and sometimes a contest. I am currently a member of the "Thrifty Fifty". 50 people were chosen to try and make as many Christmas gifts as they can for under $50 by Dec. 15th. I am SO excited to be part of this challenge. Please check back often for updates on how I'm doing. My next post will give you a little more info about me an a list of presents that I will be working on for the contest.